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  1. How to resolve the SS-003 Error message Please check that the correct date, time, and time zone is set correctly? Try this please. 1. Open Control Panel (small icons view), and click on the Date and Time option. 2. Click on the Internet tab from top. 3. Click on the Change settings button... Read More
  2. Configuring iRacing to work with the Oculus Rift First you will want to make sure to have already configured your Oculus using the software provided with the VR Visor. To setup iRacing to use your Oculus, you will need to go to and click on "Settingsā€. Then you... Read More
  3. Frame Rate and Stuttering issues z BASIC STEPS: These are the first steps to try. If these solve your issue, great! If not, there are more steps below. 01) If you are using a 64-bit enabled Windows machine, ensure you are using the 64-bit version of the Sim. To check what type of Win... Read More
  4. Team Driving Team Driving: We now have the ability to have multi-driver teams in iRacing! Some official iRacing series and special events like the Daytona 24 and Nurburgring 24 will be set up for Team Driving, and will be so designated. These sessions wil... Read More
  5. Load Custom Setups onto your Racecar! Sometime during your iRacing career, you may want to load and share racecar setups. Most racecars outside the rookie classes benefit from a setup. Thus, learning this process will make you a faster driver and help you get more out of your iRacing exp... Read More
  6. Using Lap Time, Split Time & Black Box Info This How-To video will cover our very useful Lap Times feature. Using this feature will help you become a faster iRacer! Also covered are the black information boxes that allow you to do some basic adjustments while you are racing in-sim. Enjoy the v... Read More
  7. Spotter Functionality & Radio Spotter Functionality: The first phase of this Team project is planned to roll out in our next build which is basically upon us. (However, please note the build will not be early this week) That phase is what we are calling "spotter funct... Read More
  8. How to set up a 3 screen display using nVidia GTX graphic cards First you will need 3 monitors set at the same resolution. It is recommended, but not required, to have three monitors of the same make/model, though screens that are the same size will work. It is NOT recommended to have three different sized ... Read More
  9. Sound not coming through (Windows 7) I'm not hearing sounds - what can I do? Switch the Sim into windowed mode: Enter a test session, select Options, then the Graphics tab and don’t select FULL SCREEN mode (uncheck), exit the SIM. Once you’re out of the SIM go back int... Read More
  10. Session Admin Chat Commands Session admin commands must be entered in the simulator text chat window while the sim is loaded.     In order for any session administrator command to be executed, the command must be followed by pressing the ent... Read More
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