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  1. What are iRacing licenses? iRacing uses a racing license system. Watch the video below to learn more. ... Read More
  2. Frame Rate and Stuttering issues z BASIC STEPS: These are the first steps to try. If these solve your issue, great! If not, there are more steps below. 01) If you are using a 64-bit enabled Windows machine, ensure you are using the 64-bit version of the Sim. To check what type of Win... Read More
  3. Team Driving Team Driving:  We now have the ability to have multi-driver teams in iRacing!  Some official iRacing series and special events like the Daytona 24 and Nurburgring 24 will be set up for Team Driving, and will be so designated. These se... Read More
  4. Will iRacing Run on My Mac Computer? Yes!  Currently the main aspect that separates a Mac from a PC is the operating system.  Mac computers are Intel Processor based allowing them to support windows applications using a wrapper package such as Crossover.   If your MacBoo... Read More
  5. Will My Wheel and Peddles work with the Mac Version? Currently most manufactures of driving controls do not have software drivers for the MAC.  There is native Operating system support for gaming devices but you may find that some features of your device(s) do not work on MAC.   This is not a... Read More
  6. Unable to Update Can you try and see if the same thing happens with all browsers (Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome)? The system software requires access to the internet enabling communication between your computer and the serv... Read More
  7. Session Admin Chat Commands  Session admin commands must be entered in the simulator text chat window while the sim is loaded. In order for any session administrator command to be executed, the command must be followed by pressing the enter key.... Read More
  8. FPS/Network Display Box ("F" key in-game)     Pressing "F" on your keyboard will enable the FPS/Network Display box, which shows your graphics performance in Frames Per Second, along with your Network connectivity detail display. The FPS/Network Display box appears in the upper ri... Read More
  9. How to fix the Loading Error 68 Please try the following suggestions:   Log out of iRacing, close browser and open a new browser window. Reboot your computer. Run a Registry Cleaner on your machine. There are many free one's out there. Update Windows to the late... Read More
  10. Failed to verify signature on program executable If you are getting the following error:   "The following error occurred while trying to join the session: Failed to verify signature on program executable. "   What this means is that for some reason your executables do not have the prop... Read More
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