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  1. Team Driving Team Driving: We now have the ability to have multi-driver teams in iRacing! Some official iRacing series and special events like the Daytona 24 and Nurburgring 24 will be set up for Team Driving, and will be so designated. These sessions wil... Read More
  2. Ghost Racing Using ghost racing to prepare for the real thing iRacing offers a neat feature commonly referred to as "ghost mode" that's unfortunately not very well-documented or publicized -- "ghost mode" gives you the ability take a "test drive" during spe... Read More
  3. What is the difference between Testing, Practice, Qualifying and Time Trials? Testing Testing is done alone, with no official scoring of times. Laps are timed within the simulation, but the results of testing are unofficial and are not saved or published to the website as other results are. Incidents do not count against you i... Read More
  4. What is the penalty for forfeiting a race? Per the sporting code, a driver may withdraw from a race at any time prior to two minutes before the race session start with no penalty.  Should a driver forfeit, said driver is scored in last place for the race and receives 0 points toward... Read More
  5. How are Series points Calculated? Series Points & Race Week PointsRace Points: RACE EVENT points are scored in Official Oddslot Series Races. Races are valued by the Strength of Field (SOF), which is based on the iRatings of the drivers in the field. The higher the average stre... Read More
  6. Why are there Race Splits? When large numbers of participants have all registered to race at the same time, the field is split. In short, you don't have to do anything. Which race you'll be assigned to is automatically determined by a number of factors, including you... Read More
  7. What are the Types of Official Sessions? Practice Practice sessions are unstructured practice time. Official lap times are recorded, but incidents do not affect your Safety Rating or License. Practice sessions are generally 30 minutes in length. Qualify Qualifying sessions determine the ove... Read More
  8. The official session I registered for showed 150 drivers registered; why did the session I was in only have 12 drivers? Fields sizes are determined by License level. When more drivers register for a race than are allowed in an official session, the races are split as equally as possible, based primarily on the iRating of the drivers. stri... Read More
  9. Do all races I compete in affect my iRating? All official races will affect your iRating in their respective category, oval or road course.  Hosted races and some Special events like the 24 Hours of Fun do not affect the Safety Rating or iRacing. ... Read More
  10. Why isn’t my iRating and ttRating apearing on my license? Your iRating and ttRating will only appear on your competition license once you are awarded your Class "D" license. ... Read More
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