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  1. Team Driving Team Driving: We now have the ability to have multi-driver teams in iRacing! Some official iRacing series and special events like the Daytona 24 and Nurburgring 24 will be set up for Team Driving, and will be so designated. These sessions wil... Read More
  2. How to set up a 3 screen display using nVidia GTX graphic cards First you will need 3 monitors set at the same resolution. It is recommended, but not required, to have three monitors of the same make/model, though screens that are the same size will work. It is NOT recommended to have three different sized ... Read More
  3. Session Admin Chat Commands Session admin commands must be entered in the simulator text chat window while the sim is loaded.     In order for any session administrator command to be executed, the command must be followed by pressing the ent... Read More
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts In addition to the list below we have printable guides available here Next Black Box Previous Black Box ... Read More
  5. Clear Split/Deltas from the Sim. On the Replay screen there is a small "Splits" tab in the lower right. Opening this tab will give an overview of your current splits for this car and track combination. You can view either your overall or session optimal and best split and l... Read More
  6. Graphics performance can affect your performance on-track If it ever seems that your practice, test, Time Trial, and Qualifying goes better than your race, you might want to check your graphic options and make sure you don't have things turned up too high -- if you are experiencing lower framerates dur... Read More
  7. What ports does iRacing use? The sim uses only UDP traffic, so if the others using your Internet connection are using mostly TCP, and you can give priority to UDP traffic, that would be an easy first step. There are two ends to each communication: the local end (your computer... Read More
  8. Custom Paint Policy Custom Paint Policy About Painting Your Car: The service allows you to custom paint your car several different ways. You can learn more about custom painting your car by reading our How to Pa... Read More
  9. How to fix the Loading Error 66 This is being caused by a third party telemetry product.   See below for instructions   As per the Release Notes:   Security   Unverifiable third party replacements of system DLLs (including D3D9.DLL and DINPUT8.DLL) utilized by ... Read More
  10. How to get a Crash Report to submit to iRacing How to submit a crash report Crash reports can be invaluable for improving the sim. For a crash report to be useful, we need three pieces of information: The date the crash occurred A brief description of what happene... Read More
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