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  1. Sound not coming through (Windows 7) I'm not hearing sounds - what can I do? Switch the Sim into windowed mode: Enter a test session, select Options, then the Graphics tab and don’t select FULL SCREEN mode (uncheck), exit the SIM. Once you’re out of the SIM go back int... Read More
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts In addition to the list below we have printable guides available here Next Black Box Previous Black Box ... Read More
  3. FPS/Network Display Box ("F" key in-game)     Pressing "F" on your keyboard will enable the FPS/Network Display box, which shows your graphics performance in Frames Per Second, along with your Network connectivity detail display. The FPS/Network Display box appears in the upper ri... Read More
  4. Why are the times off on all the racing schedules all of a sudden? This may have been caused by the revised schedule of Daylight Savings and your PC is not in synch or something is off with your computer clock. Please check that the date, time and time zone are set correctly. Windows 10:  Way 1: Change... Read More
  5. Why did my Safety Rating Drop when I was Promoted? Each license level has a Safety Rating 0.01 to 4.99 associated with it.  It is possible to have a Rookie License Safety Rating of 4.70 at the end of a season, then after the driver is promoted, his/her Class "D” License Safety Rating is 3.70.&... Read More
  6. What is the difference between the Natural World and the Simulator? Differences between the Natural World and the Sim: Unless you have a state-of-the-art motion platform, you won't have the same seat-of-the-pants feel as in the natural world. You can offset this by paying close attention to what you see and hear... Read More