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  1. Error 403 - Access Denied on Windows 10 Why am I getting Error 403 - Access Denied! You are not authorized to view the page you are seeing. If you need access to the page, please contact support. You are using the new Microsoft Edge browser, right? Microsoft is having general issues (not... Read More
  2. What do I do if I get an Error 40100 when trying to purchase -- If you are using Paypal, that error indicates that either the credit card or bank account that you have associated with your Paypal account has denied the charges so we would recommend that you try and contact them for further assistance. ... Read More
  3. Custom Paint Policy Custom Paint Policy About Painting Your Car: The service allows you to custom paint your car several different ways. You can learn more about custom painting your car by reading our How to Pa... Read More
  4. What can I do about low FPS, Freezing, stuttering etc? a) Please make sure you're computer is up to our system requirements which are listed HERE b) Please make sure that you have the most up to date drivers for your sound and graphics cards. c) Please make sure that your graphics card settings ar... Read More
  5. What is the difference between Testing, Practice, Qualifying and Time Trials? Testing Testing is done alone, with no official scoring of times. Laps are timed within the simulation, but the results of testing are unofficial and are not saved or published to the website as other results are. Incidents do not count against yo... Read More
  6. What do I do if I think that someone has gained access to my password? You can change your password by logging into and go to Account...My Account: Then click the the Change My Password button:   and follow the rest of the online instructions. Contact Member Support (su... Read More
  7. What is a ttRating? A Time Trial is a competition between you and the clock (and everyone else and the clock!) You are on track alone and must try to record the fastest sequence of laps without spinning, going off the track, or having contact with a barrier. Any ... Read More
  8. What are the Types of Official Sessions? Practice Practice sessions are unstructured practice time. Official lap times are recorded, but incidents do not affect your Safety Rating or License. Practice sessions are generally 30 minutes in length. Qualify Qualifying sessions de... Read More
  9. What is an Incident Incidents An incident is defined as any time you leave the racing surface, make contact with barriers or other fixed objects, or have contact with other cars. Each incident is weighted differently: • Light Contact with Another Driver = 0x. • O... Read More
  10. Can I use one credit card to sign up multiple family members? Yes. They will have their own unique login and password. Additional accounts will be sub accounts under the credit card holder.  However, the driver's display name will be the credit card holder's name.   You wil... Read More