Why did my Safety Rating Drop when I was Promoted?

Each license level has a Safety Rating 0.01 to 4.99 associated with it.  It is possible to have a Rookie License Safety Rating of 4.70 at the end of a season, then after the driver is promoted, his/her Class "D” License Safety Rating is 3.70.  This is not a setback; a Class "D” Safety 3.7 is essentially a higher Safety Rating then a Rookie License Safety Rating of 4.70.  

The safety rating number is a reflection of your CPI, Corners Per Incident. For each license, the CPI standard is higher. So for example, at the time of Promotion, your CPI might have equaled a 2.64 for the C level and that same CPI is only a 1.80 for the higher Class B license. 

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