Session Admin Chat Commands

 Session admin commands must be entered in the simulator text chat window while the sim is loaded.



  General Commands

!help or !?

- Print list of commands available, or list additional information about individual commands

!admin <driver> [<message>]

- give other drivers admin privileges

!nadmin <driver> [<message>]

- remove admin privileges from driver

!advance [<message>]

- Advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc)

!chat [<driver>]


- enable chat for all drivers

- if driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver.

!nchat [<driver>]


- disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators

- if driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only


!remove <driver> [<message>]


- Remove a driver from the race, permanently, can remove spectators as well.


 Race Control Commands

!yellow [<message>]

- Throw a yellow if not already active

!waveby <driver> [<message>]


- Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line


!black <driver> [time] or [L(laps)] - give a driver the black flag


default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold


!dq <driver> [<message>]


- Disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server


!eol <driver> [<message>]


- Move driver backwards to end of pace line


!clear <driver> [<message>]

- clear all pending or active black flags, dq's or eol's for a driver

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