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A clipping point on the inside of a turn that permits a decrease of steering angle during the second half of a corner. Generally used to permit acceleration, especially if grip is decreased for any reason in the last part of a turn.

A method used to learn the racing line, where the driver follows an instructor around the race track.

Coming off or reducing throttle.

The optimum path around the racetrack. The line can vary with track conditions and the type of racecar being driven. Other variables include elevation change, pavement change, and how well a car turns-in to a corner.

The change in the vertical down force on a tire that results from braking, turning or accelerating.

Occurs under braking, when a tire stops rotating. Loss of steering control, flat spotted tires, and a 30% decrease in braking traction are the results of lockup. Causes include over-braking, improper brake bias, or crabbing the entry into a corner.

Synonymous with over steer.