What does "System Not in Service" indicate?

If you are getting the "Not In Service" error message, this means that something on your computer has shut down the iRacing Service which automatically starts up each time you boot up your computer. 

In order to determine if your issue is caused by a specific browser or something else, can you please try and see if the same thing happens if you try with another browser type (Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome)?

If you are using Windows 7:

Please click on your Windows Start button...All Programs...iRacing...Start iRacing Service.

Once the little black box opens and closes, go back to the iRacing Members site (you may need to refresh your browser) and it you should see the service running now.

If you have Windows 8 or Windows 10:
On your keyboard select the Windows icon key and the letter E at the same time
Within this window Select Computer
Open your C drive
Open Program Files (x86)
Open your iRacing Folder
Then Select (double click) START_iRacingservice.bat (let that black box disappear)

Log back onto members.iRacing.com or refresh the page.

With Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, there's a banner at the top of the Edge browser page which suggests you copy and paste some text into a CMD prompt running as Administrator, this doesn't always work.

It's because the Edge browser now has a different ID to the original build of Windows 10, making the previous iRacing advice no longer valid for the new build..

You need to copy and paste the following text into the Admin CMD prompt, press enter, then re-boot.



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