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How are iRatings and ttRatings Different?
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iRating The iRating is a system of measuring the skill level of a driver, similar to a handicap in golf or a chess rating in that sport. Your iRating, which changes each time you race, will help you track your development as a driver and... Read More
What is an iRating?
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Your iRating is a measure of your skill as compared to other drivers. iRatings are used to ensure similarly skilled drivers compete against each other in official sessions and Race Series. In a nutshell, based on your iRating when you... Read More
How ttRating Works
Viewed 10619 times since Tue, Jun 10, 2008
What is an official time trial? Official means you completed the required number of consecutive incident free laps during a time trial session. For example, Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca requires four consecutive incident free laps. The... Read More
Do all races I compete in affect my iRating?
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All official races will affect your iRating in their respective category, oval or road course.  Hosted races and some Special events like the 24 Hours of Fun do not affect the Safety Rating or iRacing. Read More
Why isn’t my iRating and ttRating apearing on my license?
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Your iRating and ttRating will only appear on your competition license once you are awarded your Class "D" license. Read More
What is a ttRating?
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A Time Trial is a competition between you and the clock (and everyone else and the clock!) You are on track alone and must try to record the fastest sequence of laps without spinning, going off the track, or having contact with a barrier. Any... Read More
Will an oval race affect my road racing iRating?
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Your iRating is category specific. Only Official Race sessions in each racing category affect your iRating for that category. Read More