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Logitech Wheel/Pedal Settings
Viewed 82794 times since Wed, May 7, 2008
Recommended Settings for Logitech Wheel and Pedals.   In the Logitech Profiler, or just in the Control Panel / Game Controller / Properties for your wheel: Open the Logitech Profiler Click Options...Global Device Setting ... Read More
Steering Wheel Configuration & Calibration
Viewed 28901 times since Fri, Oct 28, 2011
Your steering wheel needs glasses - A note on steering linearity. Recently there has been a lot of talk about steering linearity on the forums, so I was asked to write up some notes on what it is and why you should care. Every one of our cars... Read More
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature: Active Yaw Axis Cockpit View ("DriverRotateHead")
Viewed 20659 times since Sat, Jul 2, 2011
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature: DriverRotateHead There is a neat undocumented (or "hidden") feature called DriverRotateHead that can be enabled via the iRacing app.ini file which enables a "yaw" effect that helps you to visually observe the amount... Read More
Thrustmaster wheel/pedal recommended settings
Viewed 10178 times since Wed, Apr 27, 2011
For the T500 RS use the following:   - Master Gain set to 60% - Constant set to 100% - Periodic and Spring are not used (set to 100% anyway) - Damper (shock?) set to 0% or more by feel if the wheel is too loose - Auto centering spring turned off... Read More
Can I use a Joystick with
Viewed 5522 times since Wed, Feb 13, 2013
Yes, any PC gamepad with analog sticks will work with iRacing. First you'll need to plug the controller in to your PC via USB or USB dongle + wireless, install the drivers if need be, and you're good to go. Then in iRacing you calibrate it... Read More
Can I drive with a Mouse or Touch Screen?
Viewed 4878 times since Wed, Feb 13, 2013
Yes, pointer devices such as a mouse or a touch screen can be used to drive on iRacing.  You driving experience may not be as enhanced as it would be with a Wheel and Pedal set however   After launching the simulator, click the... Read More