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Allowing iRacing through Software Firewall
Viewed 14356 times since Fri, May 9, 2008
Bring up the Windows Control Panel Start the Windows Firewall control program Select its Exceptions tab Click [Add Program] Click [Browse] Navigate to wherever you've installed the sim (C:\Program Files (or Program Files (x86))\... Read More
Will my career stats be saved if I suspend my account for a while and then rejoin
Viewed 13760 times since Tue, Mar 11, 2008
Yes, as long as whenever you return to iRacing you renew your existing account and do not create a new account (with a different email address). All previous cars and tracks purchased will be as you left them as well. Whenever you are ready to... Read More
Initially Installing iRacing Software
Viewed 10424 times since Wed, Apr 16, 2008
1. The first time you log into the iRacing website, you should see a section saying SYSTEM NOT IN SERVICE. Click here to restore service.     2. Click the Download Software button   3. Click Run at the File Download - Security... Read More
Can I use one credit card to sign up multiple family members?
Viewed 9575 times since Tue, Mar 11, 2008
Yes. They will have their own unique login and password. Additional accounts will be sub accounts under the credit card holder. However, the driver's display name will be the credit card holder's name. You will need to contact member... Read More
Will my subscription Auto Renew when it expires?
Viewed 6601 times since Tue, Jun 10, 2008
Unless you have chosen Cancel Subscription in your My Accounts section of the Members site, your subscription will continue as usual and your credit card will be charged automatically. See for how to turn off the... Read More
What do I do if I get an Error 40100 when trying to purchase
Viewed 6538 times since Thu, Jan 6, 2011
-- If you are using Paypal, that error indicates that either the credit card or bank account that you have associated with your Paypal account has denied the charges so we would recommend that you try and contact them for further assistance. --... Read More
Why do I keep getting "Get Required Updates" for mixed class series?
Viewed 6162 times since Thu, Mar 7, 2013
Please click the red Get Required Updates button. In the Update Manager window, click the "Show Optionals" link in the Optional Unowned section: Put a check next to the car that you need the files for, them click Download. best soccer dropping... Read More
Can I get a refund or trade content?
Viewed 5881 times since Tue, Mar 11, 2008
You cannot trade or return purchased content (cars & tracks). Once you purchase content, it is licensed to you for as long as you are a member of iRacing. In the unlikely event that iRacing does not renew a license you still would have the... Read More
Can iRacing dollars/credits be used for things other than iRacing?
Viewed 5580 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
iRacing dollars and iRacing credits may be used to purchase cars, tracks, hosted sessions or to renew your account. iRacing dollars and credits are not transferable and cannot be used to purchase gift cards, memberships for other members, iRacing... Read More
What do I do if I think that someone has gained access to my password?
Viewed 4709 times since Tue, Mar 25, 2008
You can change your password by logging into and go to Account...My Account: Then click the the Change My Password button: and follow the rest of the online instructions. Contact Member Support (support... Read More
What if I leave iRacing and then come back to the service? Will I have to buy the content again?
Viewed 4433 times since Mon, Mar 24, 2008
As long as when you renew you renew this same iRacing account with the same email address, and do not create a new iRacing account with a different email address, all of the cars and tracks that you had purchased, as well as all of your results, will... Read More
Why is it telling me Purchased Required after I Purchased the Content
Viewed 3467 times since Tue, Mar 9, 2010
In order to run an official series, members must own the car and track that is being raced for week.   If you've just purchased and downloaded the car, but still have the Content Required button in the race panel, it means you still... Read More