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Keyboard Shortcuts
Viewed 43309 times since Wed, Oct 19, 2011
In addition to the list below we have printable guides available here Next Black Box Previous Black Box ... Read More
FPS/Network Display Box ("F" key in-game)
Viewed 30216 times since Sat, Feb 19, 2011
    Pressing "F" on your keyboard will enable the FPS/Network Display box, which shows your graphics performance in Frames Per Second, along with your Network connectivity detail display. The FPS/Network Display box appears in the upper... Read More
How to File a Protest
Viewed 18122 times since Mon, Feb 21, 2011
Protests should be filed when a competitor violates the sporting code. Infractions include but are not limited to – competition issues, voice or text chat, forum posts, retaliation or intentional wrecking, blocking and tire heating. Protests must... Read More
Viewing Replays
Viewed 13175 times since Wed, Feb 16, 2011
In order to view replay files (*.rpy) that people post in the forum areas, or that are included with setup files that can be downloaded elsewhere, save the .rpy files into your Documents / iRacing/ Replays folder. Then log into members.iracing... Read More
Graphics performance tip for increased FPS
Viewed 12995 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
For people in need of a frame rate boost (more frames per second, or "FPS"), iRacing has recommended setting the "Crowd Detail" on "Low" in the in-game graphics options -- "High" detail just adds backsides to the people in the crowds, which is the... Read More
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature: Active Yaw Axis Cockpit View ("DriverRotateHead")
Viewed 12270 times since Sat, Jul 2, 2011
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature: DriverRotateHead There is a neat undocumented (or "hidden") feature called DriverRotateHead that can be enabled via the iRacing app.ini file which enables a "yaw" effect that helps you to visually observe the amount... Read More
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature: Active Roll Axis Cockpit View (DriverHeadHorizon)
Viewed 12263 times since Sun, Mar 6, 2011
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature:  Active Roll Axis Cockpit View (DriverHeadHorizon) There is a neat hidden feature called DriverHeadHorizon that can be enabled via the iRacing app.ini file which enables a "roll" effect that helps you to... Read More
Ghost Racing
Viewed 12192 times since Sun, Feb 27, 2011
Using ghost racing to prepare for the real thing iRacing offers a neat feature commonly referred to as "ghost mode" that's unfortunately not very well-documented or publicized -- "ghost mode" gives you the ability take a "test drive" during... Read More
Viewing championship points: How to tell which races count for the week
Viewed 10632 times since Fri, Mar 11, 2011
Viewing championship points: How to tell which races count for the week Race event points are scored in Official Series Races; the best 25% of a driver's race performance (based on points scored) in a given Race Week will be averaged to... Read More
Graphics performance can affect your performance on-track
Viewed 7857 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
If it ever seems that your practice, test, Time Trial, and Qualifying goes better than your race, you might want to check your graphic options and make sure you don't have things turned up too high -- if you are experiencing lower framerates... Read More
Practice heads-up racing
Viewed 7280 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
It's one thing to be a fast driver, and to be able to race with others who are close to your skill level, but you have to look at it this way: In any race series, there's always someone who's the fastest, and there are always... Read More
Developing your racecraft: Preparing to go the distance
Viewed 6578 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
If it ever seems that your lap times during Practice, Test, Time Trial, and Qualifying sessions are fine, but your performance falls off dramatically during a race, you may want to remember that how you practice will affect how you race.  Even... Read More
iRacing Race Participation Credit program -- multiclass series and series with short schedules
Viewed 6169 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
With the iRacing Race Participation Credit Program, it is important to note that the Race Participation Credits are awarded per series, so for multiclass series you cannot double-up on your Participation Credits by running both classes of cars, but... Read More
Driver Aids
Viewed 5806 times since Sun, Jul 31, 2011
Driver Aids - The Racing Line driver aid shows a colorized racing line around the track that is colored red for braking zones, through to green for acceleration zones. - Brake Assistance prevents you from locking up your brakes. - Throttle... Read More