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Keyboard Shortcuts
Viewed 71410 times since Wed, Oct 19, 2011
In addition to the list below we have printable guides available here Next Black Box Previous Black Box ... Read More
FPS/Network Display Box ("F" key in-game)
Viewed 59695 times since Sat, Feb 19, 2011
    Pressing "F" on your keyboard will enable the FPS/Network Display box, which shows your graphics performance in Frames Per Second, along with your Network connectivity detail display. The FPS/Network Display box appears in the upper... Read More
Session Admin Chat Commands
Viewed 54186 times since Thu, Jan 19, 2012
Session admin commands must be entered in the simulator text chat window while the sim is loaded.     In order for any session administrator command to be executed, the command must be followed by pressing the... Read More
Sim Hot-Key Combinations
Viewed 20185 times since Thu, May 8, 2008
The simulator features several hot-keys that can be used to make some tasks while driving easier to manage while driving. These hot-keys are setup by default the first time the sim is launched after install. The hot-keys... Read More
Spotter Functionality & Radio
Viewed 19126 times since Mon, Oct 22, 2012
Spotter Functionality: The first phase of this Team project is planned to roll out in our next build which is basically upon us. (However, please note the build will not be early this week) That phase is what we are calling "spotter... Read More
Ghost Racing
Viewed 17104 times since Sun, Feb 27, 2011
Using ghost racing to prepare for the real thing iRacing offers a neat feature commonly referred to as "ghost mode" that's unfortunately not very well-documented or publicized -- "ghost mode" gives you the ability take a "test drive" during... Read More
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature: Active Roll Axis Cockpit View (DriverHeadHorizon)
Viewed 15970 times since Sun, Mar 6, 2011
Undocumented ("Hidden") Feature:  Active Roll Axis Cockpit View (DriverHeadHorizon) There is a neat hidden feature called DriverHeadHorizon that can be enabled via the iRacing app.ini file which enables a "roll" effect that helps you to... Read More
How to use 3rd party spotter packs
Viewed 11261 times since Thu, Feb 5, 2009
To use and alternate spotter pack: We'll have an easier way to use spotter packs in the future. For now, the process is a bit manual. 1) Download the new spotter files.   2) Open C:Program FilesiRacingSoundSPCC   3)... Read More
Load Custom Setups onto your Racecar!
Viewed 10406 times since Wed, Apr 3, 2013
Sometime during your iRacing career, you may want to load and share racecar setups. Most racecars outside the rookie classes benefit from a setup. Thus, learning this process will make you a faster driver and help you get more out of your iRacing... Read More
Use the Radio, Spectate, Spot for your Friends & Ghost Race!
Viewed 8880 times since Wed, Apr 3, 2013
This iRacing how-to video covers how to use the built-in radio; add channels, talk to your friends, and communicate with other drivers. This video will also give you the basics so that you can spot for your friends and call out traffic. Also, you... Read More
Driver Aids
Viewed 7798 times since Sun, Jul 31, 2011
Driver Aids - The Racing Line driver aid shows a colorized racing line around the track that is colored red for braking zones, through to green for acceleration zones. - Brake Assistance prevents you from locking up your brakes. - Throttle... Read More
Using Lap Time, Split Time & Black Box Info
Viewed 5989 times since Wed, Apr 3, 2013
This How-To video will cover our very useful Lap Times feature. Using this feature will help you become a faster iRacer! Also covered are the black information boxes that allow you to do some basic adjustments while you are racing in-sim. Enjoy the... Read More