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Viewing Replays
Viewed 19716 times since Wed, Feb 16, 2011
In order to view replay files (*.rpy) that people post in the forum areas, or that are included with setup files that can be downloaded elsewhere, save the .rpy files into your Documents / iRacing/ Replays folder. Then log into members.iracing... Read More
What is the difference between the Natural World and the Simulator?
Viewed 13877 times since Tue, Mar 11, 2008
Differences between the Natural World and the Sim: Unless you have a state-of-the-art motion platform, you won't have the same seat-of-the-pants feel as in the natural world. You can offset this by paying close attention to what you see and hear... Read More
Load Custom Setups onto your Racecar!
Viewed 10438 times since Wed, Apr 3, 2013
Sometime during your iRacing career, you may want to load and share racecar setups. Most racecars outside the rookie classes benefit from a setup. Thus, learning this process will make you a faster driver and help you get more out of your iRacing... Read More
Practice heads-up racing
Viewed 9322 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
It's one thing to be a fast driver, and to be able to race with others who are close to your skill level, but you have to look at it this way: In any race series, there's always someone who's the fastest, and there are always drivers... Read More
Developing your racecraft: Preparing to go the distance
Viewed 8670 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
If it ever seems that your lap times during Practice, Test, Time Trial, and Qualifying sessions are fine, but your performance falls off dramatically during a race, you may want to remember that how you practice will affect how you race. Even if you&... Read More