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Viewing Replays
Viewed 19644 times since Wed, Feb 16, 2011
In order to view replay files (*.rpy) that people post in the forum areas, or that are included with setup files that can be downloaded elsewhere, save the .rpy files into your Documents / iRacing/ Replays folder. Then log into members.iracing... Read More
How do I change my Display Name?
Viewed 16859 times since Thu, Aug 14, 2008
All members of iRacing must race using their real name. Please see the EULA (Terms of Use and End User Agreement) 4.1 and also in the Sporting Code Much of the satisfaction of being a member of our community comes from the personal... Read More
What does MPR mean on the Series Banner Link?
Viewed 9100 times since Sat, Jan 31, 2009
A green arrow or yellow equal sign indicates that participating in this series will count toward the MPR for license advancement (you will be "racing up” or in your license class). A red arrow indicates that participating in this series will not... Read More
iRacing Race Participation Credit program -- multiclass series and series with short schedules
Viewed 9027 times since Sat, Feb 12, 2011
With the iRacing Race Participation Credit Program, it is important to note that the Race Participation Credits are awarded per series, so for multiclass series you cannot double-up on your Participation Credits by running both classes of cars, but... Read More
How do I add someone as a friend?
Viewed 8348 times since Tue, Mar 25, 2008
To add a driver as a friend, follow the steps below. 1. Locate the "Driver Lookup” bar on the main navigation bar.   2. Type the name of the driver you want to add as a friend, and click the magnifying glass. 3. Place... Read More
Why do I keep getting "Get Required Updates" for mixed class series?
Viewed 6162 times since Thu, Mar 7, 2013
Please click the red Get Required Updates button. In the Update Manager window, click the "Show Optionals" link in the Optional Unowned section: Put a check next to the car that you need the files for, them click Download. best soccer dropping... Read More
How can I renew my membership early?
Viewed 5788 times since Tue, Sep 9, 2008
You can renew at any time (which will add on to your current subscription) by logging on to Then go to Account...My Account: Then click the Renew My Subscription button: In the Subscriptions Choices... Read More
Can iRacing dollars/credits be used for things other than iRacing?
Viewed 5580 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
iRacing dollars and iRacing credits may be used to purchase cars, tracks, hosted sessions or to renew your account. iRacing dollars and credits are not transferable and cannot be used to purchase gift cards, memberships for other members, iRacing... Read More
Error 403 - Access Denied on Windows 10
Viewed 5091 times since Fri, Aug 7, 2015
Why am I getting Error 403 - Access Denied! You are not authorized to view the page you are seeing. If you need access to the page, please contact support. You are using the new Microsoft Edge browser, right? Microsoft is having general issues (not... Read More
What do I do if I think that someone has gained access to my password?
Viewed 4709 times since Tue, Mar 25, 2008
You can change your password by logging into and go to Account...My Account: Then click the the Change My Password button: and follow the rest of the online instructions. Contact Member Support (support... Read More
Why are the times off on all the racing schedules all of a sudden?
Viewed 4570 times since Wed, Apr 2, 2008
This may have been caused by the revised schedule of Daylight Savings and your PC is not in synch or something is off with your computer clock. Please check that the date, time and time zone are set correctly. Windows 10:  Way 1: Change... Read More
Do I have to have the software installed to access the website?
Viewed 2255 times since Tue, Mar 11, 2008
The system software is not necessary to access the member site. However, graphics will appear grey and you will have a notification on the site showing your service is not running. Read More