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Initially Installing iRacing Software

1. The first time you log into the iRacing website, you should see a section saying SYSTEM NOT IN SERVICE.
Click here to restore service.
2. Click the Download Software button
3. Click Run at the File Download - Security Warning window.
4. Click Run at the Internet Explorer - Security Warning window if you see it:
5. Click Next at the iRacing.com Race Simulation - InstallShield Wizard:
6. We recommend you keep the default Destination Location and click on Next:
7. The Ready to Install the Program dialog box will open. Click the INSTALL button to install the software you've just downloaded:
8. Download will begin. (The time necessary to download the software will depend on the speed of your internet connection. The 'progress bar' will update you on the progress of the download.)
9. You may be prompted to download the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. Choose I Accept the Agreement then click Next:
9. When the InstallShield Wizard is complete - click Finish:
10. click on Return to the member section link to go back to the iRacing.com Welcome screen:

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