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How are iRatings and ttRatings Different?

The iRating is a system of measuring the skill level of a driver, similar to a handicap in golf or a chess rating in that sport. Your iRating, which changes each time you race, will help you track your development as a driver and it allows us to arrange for you to race against drivers of similar skill level. The iRacing Sporting Code has more detailed information on how the iRating is calculated, but in general, if you have a good race and finish higher than your iRating would suggest, your iRating will increase. Conversely, if you have a bad race and finish lower than your iRating would suggest, it will decrease.
Time Trial Rating (ttRating)
A Time Trial is a competition between you and the clock (and everyone else and the clock!) You are on track alone and must try to record the fastest sequence of laps without spinning, going off the track, or having contact with a barrier. Any such incident will invalidate your current lap sequence, and you will need to complete another full sequence in order to better your time. The Time Trial time is your average lap time for your best sequence of laps in the session. The number of laps in a full sequence varies from track to track, or from configuration to configuration.
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