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Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Next Black Box
    Previous Black Box
    TAB Splits/Delta
    F1 Lap Timning
    F2 Standings
    F3 Relative
    F7 In-pit Adjustments
    F8 In-car Adjustments
    F9 Mirror Adjust
    HOME Reset the Currently Selected Control
    Down Select Previous Control
    Right Increment Selected Control
    Left Decrement Selected Control
    Space Toggle Selected Control
  • Control Assignments

    S Starter
    Shift+R Enter/Exit/Tow Car
  • Look Left/Right

    Z Look Left
    X Look Right
  • Voice Chat

    Push to Talk
  • Spotter

  • Other Controls

    T Text Chat
    / [num] Whisper or Selective chat
    /r [message] Respond to Last Private Message
    [ Increase FOV
    ] Decrease FOV
    Shift+[ Increase Driving View(VanishY)
    Shift+] Decrease Driving View(VanishY)
    P Speed/Gear/Pedals Display
    F FPS/Network Display
    V Camera View
    C Change Driver
    Ctrl+PageUp Increase UI
    Ctrl+PageDown Decrease UI

Replay Functions

C, Shift+C Cycle Cameras
B Cycle Through the Replay Cameras
NUM1 End of Tape
NUM4 Single Step Rewind
NUM5 Play/Pause
NUM6 Single Step Advance
NUM7 Start of Tape
NUM8 Cycle Slow Play
/[num]<enter> Focuses Cameras
Based on Running Order
Shift+NUM1 Previous Lap
Shift+NUM3 Next Lap
Shift+NUM4 Rewind
Shift+NUM6 Fast Forward
Ctrl+NUM1 FF Next Incident
Ctrl+NUM3 RW Next Incident
Ctrl+NUM4 Start of Race
Del Stop Tape

Cam Editor

Ctrl+F12 Open Camera Editor
A Increase Latitude
D Decrease Latitude
W Increase Longitude
S Decrease Longitude
Alt+W Increase Altitude
Alt+S Decrease Altitude
Ctrl+A Increase Yaw
Ctrl+D Decrease Yaw
Ctrl+S Increase Pitch
Ctrl+W Decrease Pitch
Alt+D Increase Roll
Alt+A Decrease Roll
[ Increase FOV/Zoom
] Decrease FOV/Zoom
Alt+. Increase Near Plane Bias
Alt+, Decrease Near Plane Bias
Alt+Up Arrow Increase Mic Gain
Alt+Down Arrow Decrease Mic Gain
Alt+N Cycle Position Type
Alt+M Cycle Aim Type
Ctrl+P Toggle Key Acceleration
= Increase Key Step Factor
- Decrease Key Step Factor
Ctrl+X Increase VanishX
Alt+X Decrease VanishX
Ctrl+Y Increase VanishY
Alt+Y Decrease VanishY
Ctrl+G Increase Blimp Radius
Ctrl+H Decrease Blimp Radius
Alt+G Increase Blimp Velocity
Alt+H Decrease Blimp Velocity
Ctrl+N Toggle Dampening
Ctrl+M Toggle Zoom
Ctrl+B Toggle Beyond Fence
Ctrl+O Toggle Parabolic Mic
Alt+O Toggle Limit Shot Range
Alt+Q Toggle Show Camera
Ctrl+Q Aquire Start
Shift+Q Aquire End
Shift+Ctrl+Insert Insert Camera
Shift+Ctrl+Delete Delete Camera
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy Camera
Shift+Ctrl+V Past Camera
Ctrl+F11 Save Track
Alt+F11 Save Cars

Administrative Chat Commands

!help [command],
!? [command]
Print list of commands
!admin <driver> [message] Give other drivers admin privileges.
!nadmin <driver> [message] Remove admin privileges from driver.
!remove <driver> [message] Permanently remove a driver from the race, can remove spectators as well.
!yellow [message] Throw a yellow if not already active, issue during 1 to go, to extend the caution.
!waveby <driver> [message] Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line.
!advance [message] Advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc).
!chat [driver] Enable chat for all drivers.
If driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver.
!nchat [driver] Disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators.
If driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only.
!black <driver> [time] or [L(laps)] Give a driver the black flag.
Default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold.
!dq <driver> [message] Disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server.
!eol <driver> [message] Move driver backwards to end of pace line.
!clear <driver> [message] Clear all pending or active black flags, dq's or eol's for a driver. dram filmleri
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