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iRacing Race Participation Credit program -- multiclass series and series with short schedules

With the iRacing Race Participation Credit Program, it is important to note that the Race Participation Credits are awarded per series, so for multiclass series you cannot double-up on your Participation Credits by running both classes of cars, but you can get series credits if you alternate between the two. For example, if you run 3 weeks in one class, and then complete 5 other weeks in the other class, that would constitute 8 weeks of participation in the series, and you would qualify for iRacing Race Participation Credits for that series.

For shorter series that don't feature a 12-week schedule, the required number of weeks will be determined by the number of "drop" weeks for the series. For example, an 8-week series with 2 "drop" weeks would require 6 weeks of participation. This means that IndyCar Series -- which is divided into the 6-week Indy Road series and the 6-week Indy Oval series -- is still a part of the Race Participation Credit Program. While a normal 12-week series would require 8 out of 12 weeks, the Indy Road series will only require 4 out of 6 weeks to qualify for Race Participation Credits, and the Indy Oval series will also only require 4 out of 6 weeks of participation.

Race Credit Program

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