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How to use 3rd party spotter packs

To use and alternate spotter pack:

We'll have an easier way to use spotter packs in the future. For now, the process is a bit manual.

1) Download the new spotter files.  
2) Open C:Program FilesiRacingSoundSPCC  
3) Create a new directory, named after the spotter pack you have downloaded. (Stick to letters and numbers; symbols may not work.)  
4) Unpack the spotter files into the new directory. The directory should now contain several .wav files. If the .wav files are in a subdirectory, move them into the directory you just created.  
5) Edit My DocumentsiRacing.comapp.ini and add a new line to the [SPCC] section, voicePack=dirname, where 'dirname' is the name of the directory you created. (For example, 'voicePack=Mr T', not 'voicePack=C:Program FilesiRacing.ComsoundspccMr T')  

If the downloaded spotter sounds do not play, check the following:

Does the directory name in app.ini match the directory name on disk? Spaces matter.  

Are the spotter's .wav files in spccdirname, or are they in a subdirectory? .Waves must be in the spccdirname directory.  

You can have multiple spotter packs saved on disk, but only one active at a time. If you want to mix-and-match, copy the .wav files from each spotter  

To make your own spotter pack:

See our forum thread:





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